I am an artist, university lecturer and independent researcher whose core interests are located in the cultural production of urban space and the agency of art within the immaterial economy of this production.

The agency of culture in the project of the world-class city and the role of the affective domain in its development means that an 'aesthetic disposition' now occupies a central position in managerial regimes of opportunistic planning and city-making, teasing artistic practices into its purposes.

My work is located in this messy and vulnerable intersection between art practice and urban culture, looking out for dormant areas and vacant discursive spaces into which art may still be able to play unscripted roles for a limited time.

It emerged from the practices of public art in the 90s, developed through the site-sensitive critical spatial practice of the 00s, and it can now be found in all the variable articulations of a situated practice set into motion by interventions/interruptions in the increasingly saturated cognitive-affective domain of urban space, heavily sculpted by financial and cultural actors alike.

Alberto Duman